BIM Tools

During last decade, most of the architecture offices are working with BIM tools, achieving advantage in time, details, management and reduce omission errors.

In our office, during more than ten years working with different BIM tools on diversity of projects have made the main rule. More than eight years working with Autodesk Revit, analyzing the better way to integrate all phases the projects, reducing the omission of errors and  working the most number of people in the same projects at the same time.

Courtesy of José María Carralero, architect at Keyline Architecture. Click to see the video.
BIM tools: courtesy of José María Carralero, architect at Keyline Architecture. Click to see the video.

This is the project Lope de Vega theater: actual 1.240 seating, existing building together building homes since 60´s, and main facade with little dimension conecting the main entry hall with the stalls. In the opposite side, other building, San Francisco Market, recently rebuild and the stage.

Not much space for refurbish the building and to put in new installations and new acoustic insulation. We redraw the original building on phase one and draw the new part of the theater on phase 2: obviously, non space for new mandatory conditions of the codes. The mix with Autodesk Revit Architecture and MEP has been easy to find errors and allowed redesign spaces to keep in mind for HVAC equipment, electricity, sound, and stage equipment.

The evidence of all, it has been the space needed for equipments but how equipments come into the space? This is an existing building and the conditions are closed to alarge bigger space. We draw on level 4 of LOD, giving high details as soon as possible to reduce errors and omission on the measurement and budget that it is one of the most important part of the project that architects must develop in Spain.

This BIM tool has made easy the work but now we need to know the traceable of the project on the next step when we start the jobs. Will be used the BIM model by the builder company and keep live for a possible modificacion?